November 2019

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Check out this month’s finds…

Check out this month’s finds…

In each issue of Actualis, we dig up a few nuggets, online or elsewhere, that can provide a deeper understanding of the financial and economic times we’re living through.

Could five-hour work days increase productivity?
Do you run a small or mid-size company? What would you say to letting your employees work just five hours a day, providing that all personal texting, social networks and email are off limits during those hours? A small firm in Germany is putting this approach to the test.

Six key trends for businesses
The BDC has identified six key trends that companies should take advantage of to “future-proof” their success. Do you know what they are?

“OK Google, tell me why”
We hear a lot about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be a disruptive force in many areas of our lives. Nonetheless, an AI pioneer believes that artificial intelligence still faces a major challenge: it doesn’t understand the “why” of things.

Are Canadians feeling confident about their financial future?
If we believe a study by PwC Canada, the answer seems to be yes, especially as the holiday season approaches.


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