November 2019

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Check out this month’s finds…

Check out this month’s finds…

In each issue of Actualis, we dig up a few nuggets, online or elsewhere, that can provide a deeper understanding of the financial and economic times we’re living through.

2008 financial crisis: ripple effects felt in the latest holiday season
High prices for Christmas trees in 2019 offer an eloquent example of how the impact of an economic crisis – such as the one in 2008 – can still be apparent many years later.

Which companies were the top stock market performers over the past 20 years?
Apple, Amazon, Google? Not even close. This article reveals the names of the five best-performing U.S. companies over the past two decades. Prepare to be surprised.

Water issues give financial analysts food for thought
The recent wildfires in Australia have demonstrated the devastating effects that could accompany future droughts. In 2020, water scarcity is likely to be a hot topic since numerous financial analysts are reflecting on how this situation might affect economic growth and investment.
Read the World Bank’s press release
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Are you ready for the next market meltdown?
No one knows when it will happen, but everyone knows that a sharp decline in prices is part of the normal stock market cycle. This calculator demonstrates how different portfolios would have fared during the worst market crashes of the past 50 years.


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