November 2018

What happens after the stock market drops?
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Check out this month’s finds

Check out this month’s finds

In each issue of Actualis, we dig up a few nuggets, online or elsewhere, that can provide a deeper understanding of the financial and economic times we’re living through.

How much more will your mortgage cost you?
With interest rates going up, you may be wondering how much more you’ll have to pay when it’s time to renew your mortgage. These CMHC tools can provide some answers.

Three decades without a recession
We don’t often talk about what’s going on “down under,” but did you know that the last year in which Australia suffered an economic recession was…before the Internet? What explains such performance, and can it possibly continue?
Read an article on the subject

Do you really know your finances?
November is financial literacy month in Canada. It might be a good time to take this little self-assessment quiz, developed by the Government of Canada.

Learn more about the art market
Art is a very particular market, governed by rules that can sometimes be obscure. There are several websites to help you follow the news and become more familiar with the world of art. This is one of them.


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